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by Annie C. Alexander

"I'll Go Back to My Father" was the theme for the Penang Diocesan Youth Charismatic Convention which was held in Convent Light Street from 21 to 23 May, 1999. The Convention was participated by youths, mostly from Penang, Kedah and Perak. There were also a few participants from the other states.

The aim of the Convention was to bring all youths together regardless of race, language, group and culture. It was a call for youths to let the Holy Spirit guide them in building communities based on Bibical teachings.

The convention was officiated by Bishop Anthony Selvayanagam. The three-day event was one filled with talks, prayer and worship, a reconciliation session and liturgical dances. The prayer/worship session was led by the both dynamic and spirited Shalom Music Group. The talks, given by Fr Maria Arokiam and Msgr Bernard Paul (English), Fr James Rajendran and Mr Philip (Tamil) and Fr Peter Tung and Dr Damian Goh (Mandarin), were mainly on calling youths to "Go Back to the Father." Their messages also included that the Father's love is unconditional and that He is willing to forgive us no matter how many times we have failed Him.

There were also booths or stalls set up by various Church gruops, Participants were able to browse through pamphlets and books or get information concerning the Church from these booths. Special events such as spiritual dances and short plays were held during the break times. These were held simultaneously by youths from different parishes at different locations at the convention ground.

On the last day Pentecost Sunday, the last day of the Convention, a mass was celebrated by Bishop Anthony Selvanayagam and cocelebrated by a number of priests. At the end of the mass, the Bishop thanked the organising committee and the various groups which made the event a success.